About Us

Our Story

When we started Let’s Plate!, we were in the early stages of building our family with a newly arrived baby boy. Like you, we’re busy, and while we all would sacrifice anything to get our kids what they need, we believed there had to be a better way. So, we created a lunch meal that’s affordably convenient for the parents, and healthy, delicious and fun for the children — an apparently impossible combination, according to the options available.

Basically, we wanted to take back lunch. That’s how we arrived at this exciting point. Let’s Plate! was born, and it’s made by parents and loved by parents and their children.

Together, let’s raise the quality of life for all in ways that can also be fun and delicious. Come reclaim the lunch table with us — one delicious, nutritious bite at a time!

Our Brand

We built Let’s Plate! with a higher purpose in mind beyond just a lunch product.

Let’s Plate! is a brand built on a mission: to provide every child access to healthy and delicious eating. We think of it as a promise to our fellow parents, our children and future generations. Our children’s healthy eating should be convenient, fun and delicious – it’s as simple as that and nothing less.

Let’s Plate! is made only with plant-based ingredients not simply because it’s healthy and delicious. Eating plants is good for the beautiful planet that we live on. While we can’t do it alone, we believe that a more sustainable way of eating and harvesting our nutrients can change the world for the better.

Who Are The 4 J's?

The 4J’s represent our family of kangaroos. Say hello Jack (dad), Jenna (mom), Joey (son) and Josie (daughter)!

The 4J’s are a real-life expression of how we think a healthy parental-child relationship should be. Kangaroos protect their young in their pouch, nourishing them to grow healthy and strong. Jack and Jenna are committed to being the best parents they can be for their little ones, Joey and Josie. The 4J’s also symbolize energy and a good sense of humor.

The 4J’s love to laugh, have fun and treat one another with love and respect!